Top Swag Gift Picks 2023


2023 is promising to be a tech-savvy, marketing-driven world and our top swag gift picks for 2023 demonstrate it. Companies realize the importance of personalized business swag to stand out and remain competitive in an ever-developing market. Company swag is no longer limited to t-shirts and mugs. They now offer tech swag products like custom journals, phone cases, USB devices, charging stations, and tech-friendly bags for tablets and cell phones. Businesses, from tech giants like Google to start-ups, are providing their employees and customers with creative swag options that promote their brand while displaying a sense of appreciation for their staff.

In addition to personalized tech swag, companies are also exploring sustainable swag options for their business gifting needs. For example, reusable water bottles branded with company logos or eco-friendly bags made from recycled materials help reduce waste while promoting its brand image.

Tech Swag 2023

Our Top 5 Tech Swag Picks for 2023

As we enter the world of 2023, corporate swag is more in demand than ever! The newest technology offers creative and personalized ways to promote businesses. However, when it comes to tech swag picks for 2023, there are some must-haves that no company should be without. Our top 5 tech swag picks are:

  1. Wireless charging docks
  2. USB drives
  3. Power banks
  4. Stylish Bluetooth speakers
  5. Virtual reality headsets

Bonus: Not a tech product, but something that is a highly desired swag gift is brightly colored cases for smartphones and tablets. They’re always a hit.

Our Top 3 Sustainable Swag Gift Picks for 2023

Environmentally friendly gifting is growing in popularity with many businesses, and with it comes the need to provide sustainable options that are both thoughtful and eco-friendly. Business swag, or promotional products, can be unique and memorable when you build a green strategy into your gifting needs.

Sustainable business swag helps your company project a positive image that resonates with other organizations looking for quality products that won’t harm the environment. Our Top 3 Sustainable Business Swag items are:

  1. Organic, customized apparel
  2. Notebooks made from recycled paper
  3. Reusable stainless steel water bottles

Professional Tip: Custom designs have become popular choices for companies looking to market themselves effectively. Nowadays, most customers expect their products to be delivered with creative packaging that stands out from the competition. Ask us for more information about our custom packaging options.

2023 is sure to bring us even more amazing swag options, from tech swag that will make techies everywhere jump for joy! to sustainable swag options that everyone will love and feel good about there’s something for everyone and every budget. So let’s talk about all of the possibilities that await you!

Contact John the Printer today, and let’s get 2023 started off right!

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